ForeignSource Changes Name and Website!

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Truly a company in bloom! Offering the wonderful service, and jewelry supply products you have come to expect, but with a name that truly reflects who we are today. So without further ado…we are proud to announce our newly minted company name – - Wholesale Jewelry Supply Company. Artinium, Inc. designed our new logo and website. the launch of the new website is due to release in September 2013.

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Get Smarter, Get More Attention!


Four seconds is all it takes. Just four seconds to grab or lose your market’s attention. Smartphones are undeniably everywhere, and they’re being attention hogs. Looking into the fact of the matter, over 50% of local searches are performed on a mobile browser, and if you’re not mobile, you’ll become “that business in town.” It’s about being everywhere your customer is, and they are on their cell phones. Bring in better business by building a better mobile site. With an optimized mobile site, your customers are 74% more likely to return to your retail center or make a mobile purchase. According to Pew Research, consumers spent $25 billion dollars via their cell phone last year….mobile sites make it EASY for you to turn that into YOUR profits!


First things first, make sure your mobile site is found! With millions of websites, it’s easy to get lost amongst the searches. Double check that your cell-phone friendly website is using mobile-specific search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords targeted at your audience. If your website isn’t recognized as a mobile site, it will be treated differently on the search engines and you won’t be ranked, which means you won’t be found. Just as important as having a mobile site, is being active on your business’ social networking sites. This allows for easy connections between your market, their phone, your business and their attention.


Don’t let a bad mobile website turn your customers away, make sure your images are fully optimized to upload quickly and that your tap buttons are large, easy to find and on every page. Customers on the go are looking for quick, easily accessible information so reward them with the information they want, like click-to-call, locations, directions, coupons right on your home page.


After they’ve been successfully navigating your mobile-website, it’s simple and fun to keep your customer engaged with your brand. Keeping a good relationship with customers is important and an essential business builder. Through SMS mobile marketing, social networking, incentives to use mobile, mobile coupons and social networking contests, your customer will always be up-to-date on your business and because of their user-friendly experience, they’ll be 67% more likely to make a purchase. Mobile interactions are an excellent and easy way to reward your customers regardless of where they are, and a great way to bring business back.


Lastly, make sure you use what is available to you! Understanding your customer and where they are is a critical aspect to your business. Knowing where they are searching from, what they are interested in, the phone they use and how they navigate your site is all valuable information to your business. It will help you better assess future decisions based on what you learn. If you know your customers are always searching from around a college campus, or from around hotels you can better cater to their specific needs. Mobile site metrics collect this data for you and the insights you gain are vital to your business’ future success.


When it’s as critical as your business, don’t let a bad website or another failed mobile-search get you down. Let Artinium Inc. make your difference distinctive! We will set you apart from your competition and make sure your operating a user-friendly, mobile-friendly website that grabs the attention we all want!

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Artinium, Inc. is apart of history in the making!

chiantis new logo

                 Founded over 28 years ago, Chianti’s Italian Cuisine has been a classic Rhode Island tradition for family-style Italian dinners, large banquets and excellent affordability. Just about as original as Papa Vin’s homemade Sicilian pasta sauce, the Martucci family asked Artinium, Inc. to stir-up their big kettle of design! Working with the restaurant and aiming to keep the family-values and family-size plates at heart, Artinium transformed the old Chianti’s Italian Cuisine logo into a whole new surrounding ambiance. The fresh, modern logo keeps the romantic custom of wine and dining in Italian comfort at Chianti’s more contemporary, redesigned restaurant in East Greenwich, RI. We are working with Chianti’s to complete and redesign their website to be just as elegant and easy to eat up. Join Artinium in making history with Chianti’s Italian Cuisine! Buon Appetito!

original logo:

chiantis old logo

revamped logo:

chiantis new logo

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Artinium Inc. is Bringing Modern Flair to Main Street!

Centro Logo

Artinium’s trendy designs for the ultra-contemporary lounge, Centro Martini, is kickin’ East Greenwich up a notch! The ultra-sophisticated and modern logo has been working well for the NYC-influenced restaurant on this small Rhode Island Main Street. Centro Martini has food-critics calling their experience “totally futuristic” and worth the visit! Check out Artinium’s logo & the exotic cocktails tonight at Centro Martini on Main in East Greenwich!

CentroBldg Centro Logo



Another one of our recent logo designs on Main St. has been for David-Max: A Home Goods & Artists Boutique. David-Max was looking to hold true to the nautical and seaside elegance as a Rhode Island based and inspired company. David-Max collaborates with local artists to display and sell very eclectic, antique crafts. Artinium looks forward to seeing what local artists will be displayed at their Grand Opening on April 1st, 2013!





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Web Trends 2013: Illustrations

Newer design trends are all about catching and holding one’s attention. I feel that illustrations perform this task brilliantly. Illustrations can be used in many various ways to bring about different moods in your website. Look around the Internet, and you will find many different website galleries and showcases focusing on digital illustrations.

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